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Street Furniture


Made from 100% recycled plastic

Compost Bins

100/100 100/120 120/120

Made from 100% recycled plastic

It is the first modular and expandable compost bin available on the market.

Ekol Regran

PO regranulate Ekol 2000

Made from 100% recycled plastic

An ecological alternative as raw material for the production of injection moulding applications.


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New product development

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Ekol was founded in 1989. From 1991 up to 31 December 2014, EKOL has processed 170,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste in an environmentally friendly way.
As a result of the investment in the 2nd washing line, the tonnage processed can be increased from 11,000 tonnes to 17,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste.  Over time, that means the mixed plastic waste from 2.4 million people can be processed at the facilities in Houthalen.
We accept all household plastics with the exception of plastic textiles/fabrics.  Our 'sorting message' is quite simple; nevertheless, we continue to find a high degree of contamination in our incoming materials. Approximately 15%-25% of the material submitted does not consist of plastics.  That waste is separated from the rest at our installation and taken to a suitable processing site. The Ekol sorting guidelines give a good overview of what we will and will not accept. If you are in doubt about whether your waste should be placed with the plastic waste, please put it with 'other waste'. Incorrectly sorted waste leads to unnecessary costs for the municipality.
The standard colour for the products in our assortment is grey.  It is possible to order a plastic coating in one of 12 different colours. See our colour palette here.
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